First place winner NCACS 2016 (100 of 1)

First Place Winner in Sculpted cakes at The National Capital Area Cake Show.

At Blue Lace Cakes, cake is more than just a cake.  It's the centerpiece to your event, it's what everyone will be talking about tomorrow and what everyone with be taking pictures of tonight.  It's the best type of art, the kind you can eat!

For the past three years Voula has worked for some of the top bakeries in the DC Metro area, honing her cake making skills.  With the overwhelming positive response to her work she decided to create Blue Lace Cakes, and continue her growing passion to create amazing, over the top cakes for her own clients.

Since childhood, the creative bug has always been with Voula.  Back before the day of everything electronic and WIFI,  she used to design and create her own board games with her younger sister, or rummage through wood scraps from her Dad's carpentry projects to create her own mini sculptures.  She even taught herself how to draw by replicating cartoon characters she would see in coloring books and magazines.  That creative drive landed her in one of the top art schools in the country.

With a BFA in Sculpture from Maryland Institute College of Art, Voula's art background has helped her translate her client's visions into pieces of art made out of cake.  To Voula, the crazier the idea the better! There's nothing more gratifying than delivering a cake to a client and hearing the word Wow.

Voula believes that not only do her cakes have to look amazing, but they have to taste great too. Nobody like dry tasteless cakes.  She bakes her cakes from scratch with high quality, all natural ingredients and from home-made recipes.  The cakes are baked to order and are never frozen or made from a mix.  To see all the delicious flavors we offer, you can check them out on our cake flavors page.  To find out how Voula can make your next cake you can contact her throught out contact page.

Zombie Cake Time Lapse

Time lapse video of Voula working on one her favorite cakes.

Voula and Zombie Cake