We love the Angry Birds cake!!  Many were surprised that it was a cake!  It was perfectly executed!  But besides that, it was also delicious!  My son requested for a chocolate cake with cookies and cream buttercream and in the words of my son, "it's soooo yummy!!"  We are definitely ordering from Voula again!  So happy to have found her!
- Kristine A.



Cat_Birthday_Cake Star_Wars_Cupcakes


You have twenty five+ new fans!  I talked about you all night long!  The cake and cupcakes not only looked awesome they tasted great!  Which is the real trick.  It's not a common thing to get a beautiful cake and tasty cake in the same cake!!  Everyone was impressed, and I was asked repeatedly who made the cake!  Both the cupcakes & the cake were a hit!

My hubby was completely surprised.  He was suspicious that I was up to something, but apparently the idea of surprise party never actually crossed his mind.  He loved the cake, but didn't have the chance to eat any of the cupcakes.  Luckily my greedy guests left me with four (two of each flavor).  So he'll get a chance to sample!  We had less than 1/4 cake leftover at the end of the evening.  like I said it was perfect.  There is just enough for us to enjoy it for a few more days!

Thank you for taking my job, and making the party special.
- Juliana M.

Not only was the cake beautiful and worth whatever my wife paid for it, but the cake was absolutely DELISH!!! So, to sum up my review, Blue Lace Cakes does great cakes, and they are really, really yummy! And the cat on the right is Totally(!) thing 2!
- Scott M.



Puerta de Alcala Agusta Bike Birthday Cake


Voula does more than cakes, she is truly and artist! Her cakes will make memorable statements, an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. She even offers to deliver, which in the middle of organizing a gathering/party is super convenient. From now on, I am only ordering cakes from Voula.  Cant wait for the next occasion!
- Daniela P.



DJ Panda Cake-100


Voula, you are just incredibly talented and I am so blessed to have had you to make my cake!! My boyfriend and guests were in awe with what you created. And the button!!!!!! OMG, you seriously have outdone yourself. An extraordinary and stunning gift that you are selflessly sharing with the world!
Thank you a million times and more. Be assured that I will be coming over and over for all my events!
- Wendy C.



Moon and Stars cake-100


Unbelievable work of art. The cake was nothing short of spectacular. Thank you for making it so special!
- Sebastian R.





I have never seen such an awesome cake, and I am even comparing it to my wedding cake! It was the centerpiece of all birthday celebrations this year.
- Valerie M. E.



Game of Thrones Katy Perry Shark Cake


Best cake ever... Excellent service And execution the attention to detail was amazing... A true artist the cake was a piece of art... Thank you for making the birthday so special!
- Corine C. F.