What is Blue Lace Cakes?

Hello, my name is Voula, and I am the owner and cake artist of Blue Lace Cakes. I am a one-woman-show, with a passion for sharing my creativity with people, by creating works of art out of cake. The name Blue Lace Cakes comes from taking something traditional, like lace, that’s been around for hundreds of years, and making it modern and personalized, by making it Blue. I personalize each cake by taking the vision or idea my clients has, and translating it into art through cake. From the beginning of the design process, to the final cake delivery, you will be working directly with me. This insures that you receive not only a high level of customer service, but also personalized service, providing you with the highest quality product in the end to reflect your event.

Who is Voula?

I have always been a creative person since I was a little kid.  I taught myself how to draw by trying to replicate cartoons like Mickey Mouse and characters from the Lion King.  When I got bored with the games I had at home, I would create my own board games, or steal scrap piece of wood from my father’s woodshop and try to build something.  I always had my hands on something, I was always trying to learn something new, to take on a challenge, and discover different ways to do things.  None of that has changed. 

That eventually led me to the love of arts and after finishing high school in Connecticut,  attending a top ranking art school at The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.   There I majored in sculpture, and grew my creative skills.   It wasn’t until years after graduating from college that I stumbled into photography.  I had taken classes in college, but never thought of making a living from it.  I soon found myself as a wedding photographer, and translating my creativity through photographs.  While I loved photography, after 5 years of being a wedding photographer, I felt like there was something missing.   And then I discovered cakes. 

It was the perfect marriage of my love of sweets, my need to be creative, and taking simple ingredients and transforming them with my hands.  I started working for local bakeries in the area, trying to learn as much as I could and taking on any challenge I could find in order to grow my skills.  After about 4 years, Blue Lace Cakes was born and launched. Blue Lace Cakes is now my dream, slowly becoming a reality.  It’s my way of sharing my creativity with the world, one delicious cake at a time.